Readings, writing and Baby ZZ

So the plan was to work and work and work until the baby was born and that was just what I did. In fact, I finished up the last service duty the day before ZZ arrived, which I felt very grateful for. It has been a lot, and I think my mind and body needed to go on lockdown for a while, which is why I haven’t been posting here (though facebook and twitter have been easier–because you can maintain those on an iphone.) I haven’t yet learned how to successfully blog/type with one free hand.

ZZ is here and he is just as amazing and wonderful and tiny as Amelie was. And realizing he may be my last child, I’ve wanted to savor every minute and moment with him. Having a baby right after getting your book published has actually become a blessing–it really does put a lot of my worrying and stress into perspective. I will always make time to write. But ZZ won’t always be this little, the perfect size to curl into my shoulder, or fall asleep on my chest.

Which is why the readings I scheduled while I was pregnant suddenly became more cumbersome than I thought they would be. Anyone probably could have predicted this. But I’ve had a lot of help from Matt and super big sister Amelie.

In the coming months, we’re embarking on two trips so that I can read for Cherry, and also visit family and friends. In June, we head to the northwest for readings in Portland and Seattle, and in July. NYC for readings for the Asian American Writers’ Workshop and the Sackett Street Workshop (hosted by our dear friend and workshop founder Julia Fierro.)

My big concern now is that most of this summer’s readings take place at 7pm which most parents of newborns know is the witching hour for babies. I worry more about ZZ torturing his father and sister than audience turnout!


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