Publication eve thoughts

Tomorrow, March 13, is the official book launch of The Reeducation of Cherry Truong, though the official celebrating won’t occur for at least a few more days. I have a few meetings for work and I plan to take my daughter to preschool, which is my typical weekday.

For the last two months, I feel like I’ve been on a slow jog preparing for this day and the next big event in April when Baby Boy finally arrives. He is ready to get out, and I have this sinking feeling he is going to come early. He is always moving, impatiently pushing against and distending my belly, approving or disapproving of whatever food or drink I’m having at the time. I am noticeably larger: bumping into everything because I cannot gauge my size. And anyone who looks at me says the same thing: “You’re ready, aren’t you?!”

We are not ready. I don’t even have his crib or dresser. Nothing is in order.

I’ve been writing more nonfiction essays, which I’ve actually enjoyed a lot, and they’ve found homes in some pretty wonderful places, such as The Rumpus, Guernica, Distraction99 etc. I also feel like the book launch preparation has given me a crash course in the chaotic, ever-changing world of book publicity and social media, some of which is so overwhelming that I have nightmares about them. And then I wake up, wondering how one can possibly have social media nightmares. So far, the writers and reviewers I’ve met on twitter and facebook are genuine, smart people who are enthusiastic about writing and literature. They are the ones who have saved contemporary literature.

This past weekend, we took an impromptu trip to Lake Tahoe. It was probably one of the last weekends where people could really take advantage of the snow. It was gorgeous, snow still on the trees and ground. Matt took Amelie sledding and skiing for the first time, and she was typically fearless, insisting on doing it all by herself. We took her to a family friendly ski area that only had a bunny hill and green level slopes. Free parking and plenty of toddler meltdowns around us.

I will have readings both before and after Baby Boy’s arrival, with three in the next two weeks. We start with a publication party at Diesel Books in Oakland, which is our neighborhood bookstore. I’ve promised family and friends some delicious Vietnamese food and refreshments. Then a reading in Corte Madera and the last in San Francisco. It would be lovely to see your friendly faces.

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