New York!

We are headed to New York this Sunday so I can read at the Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop Series at Bookcourt and the Asian American Writers Workshop. I think I am even more excited about this trip than our Pacific Northwest trip for several reasons.

1. We will have help. Matt’s parents have generously agreed to join us and hang out with the grandkids. Four adults to two children is always ideal so that people can actually rest.

2. We are visiting with old friends and family. Not only will Matt’s parents be there, but we also will see some old grad school friends: Julia Fierro is the director of the famous Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop, and I will be reading with her husband nonfiction writer Justin Feinstein. We will also hang out with Joe Pan Millar, founder and publisher of Brooklyn Arts Press, who released Matt’s chapbook last year. Also, my cousin who I haven’t seen in five years has promised to come up from Baltimore.

3. We can take the kids to Central Park. This is the one touristy thing I want us to do. I will be fine if the rest of the time we simply hang out and eat good food.

Of course, there are a few concerns too. Like the heat. The bay area has been exempt from this oppressive heat wave the rest of the country has been suffering this summer. I am wearing long pants and a sweater as I write this. I’ve been advised to bring small, thin clothes. But a postpartum mother doesn’t exactly look her best in teeny tiny attire. Also, the plane ride. Thankfully, we booked a direct flight to NY. And we will stuff our diaper bag and computer bags with as many distractions, snacks, and extra infant/toddler clothes as possible.

So, as I said, our schedule is blissfully open except for the readings, so if you have any tips on what to see, eat or hear, let me know!

Reading Details:

Monday, July 23, 7pm: Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop Reading Series with Justin Feinstein, Maura Kelly, Jennifer Miller at Bookcourt, Brooklyn, NY. 163 Court Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201

Thursday, July 26, 7 pm: Asian American Writers’ Workshop Bricolage: Journeys of Recovery with Don Lee and Pauline Chen. Manhattan, NY. 110-112 West 27th Street, 6th Floor Between 6th and 7th Avenues Buzzer 600 New York, New York 10001

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