early March tidbits–one week before Book Launch

1. I am back from Hedgebrook and it’s been a strange, fast transition back into the real world. I promptly got the daycare cough from Amelie, who was thrilled, nonetheless, to have me home. We said goodbye to Matt, who went off to AWP for four days. I followed his adventures through Twitter and Facebook, half-jealous to miss out, and also half-relieved to miss out. 9500 people at AWP! I’m already feeling overwhelmed as it is.
2. The book launch is a week away and it still feels surreal. I received my finished copy of the book in the mail over the weekend, and even though I’ve had a sneak peek of every element of the book, from the cover and layout to flap copy, it was still a lovely thing to see it all come together, that I ended up holding the book in my hands for a long, long time.

3. The Rumpus published my essay on my father and memory, and the reaction has been nothing but supportive and warm. Still, it feels strange to have something so intimate and painful for many years now so public for anyone and everyone to see. The comments on the Rumpus page were also incredible, but now I can’t seem to see them due to some server issues. I hope they are not lost. When people compliment the essay, I feel both grateful and uncertain. It’s unlike getting praised for fiction, where you feel entire ownership over the work (the characters, plot, every detail.) Instead, the praise for nonfiction seems like a combination of the craft and the subject matter. It’s much more emotional and personal, and I’m not entirely comofortable with it yet.
4. I have a few more essays in the pipeline that I hope to announce soon. One will be in Guernica regarding the foreclosure crisis.

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